Katie loves 3ds!

I turned 28just last month and let me tell you.. I still LOVE to play cool games, specially on portable consoles I can take with me on the go.. which console is the best you will ask? well I think the 3ds tops the carts,it might not have the MOST features but its small,and i bought it for only $30 used,so whats not to like about it?

I did some research on best 3ds games and what I came up with not of my taste… My favorite probably still is the Old Mario, but by old I dont mean old ugly version,just that the game is old :D

Just check this image? doesnt it looks the coolest game ever?

3ds mario


and doesn’t looks old at all,so if you also want to have some little fun at times you dont have anything to do why not look at the 3ds?



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